10 great quotes from Slash.

“You can’t wait around for destiny to give you what you think you deserve, you have to earn it, even if you think you’ve paid your dues.”

“Being a rockstar is the intersection of who you are and who you want to be.” 

“I’ve always had to do things my way; I play guitar my way; I’ve taken myself to the edges of life my way; I’ve gotten clean my way; And I’m still here. Whether or not I deserve to be is another story.”

“I was fascinated by the machinations of performance back then and I still am now. A stage full of instruments awaiting a band is exciting to me. The sight of a guitar still turns me on. There is an unstated wonder in both of them: they hold the ability to transcend reality given the right set of players.” 

“Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I’m just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life.”

“I always loved rock guitar. I just never put it together that that’s what I’d end up doing. I had no aspirations to be a musician, but I picked up a guitar for two seconds and haven’t put it down since.”

“You know, when you really connect with the instrument and everything just comes out on an emotional level very naturally through your playing. That’s, you know, a great night. And I think the reason I love touring so much is you’re chasing that high around all the time, trying to have another good night.”

“We had a really vast music collection and I was raised around rock’n’roll, it’s just the way it was.”

“Notes and chords have become my second language and, more often than not, that vocabulary expresses what I feel when language fails me.”

“Rock n’ roll is about attitude and rebellion. It’s supposed to be fun and spontaneous.”

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