10 great quotes from Johnny Thunders.

“Rock and Roll is simply an attitude. You don’t have to play the greatest guitar.”

“The only technical things I know are treble, volume and reverb, that’s all.”

“The Dolls were an attitude. If nothing else they were a great attitude.”

“Many people love me, many people hate me – there’s nobody in between. That’s the way I prefer it.”

“A lot of people don’t think they can count on me, but I’ve never missed a gig in my life.”

“No one really knows me. People think they know me.”

“I take smack because I enjoy it. I enjoy all it makes me feel. I don’t do it to be in with the in crowd. I can rock out with it.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing – except my bank balance.”

“A lot of people want to die for a lot of reasons.”

“We get picked up in these Rolls Royces and get three miles down the highway and five cop cars pull us over.”

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