“100% Pure Rock’n’Roll” out October 25, 2020.

Front cover of 100% Pure Rock’n’Roll

The concept album will be released on October 25, 2020.

Rock goes back to being Pure.

100% Pure Rock’n’Roll” brings back to Rock its primordial essence: Freedom, Energy, Passion.

It opens with “Don’t Come Back”, an invitation to go with the flow of life. 
It continues with “This Is Nothing”, a song that recalls the relativistic vision of reality. 
Louder” is a dream experience in parallel worlds. “Overlife” represents the act of overcoming reality, the advent of an authentic life beyond appearances. 
And finally, “Not Today“, a clear rejection of the impositions of a society dominated by fiction.

Back cover of 100% Pure Rock’n’Roll

A concentrate of pure rock’n’roll without compromise.

100% Pure Rock’n’Roll” will be released on CD Digipack format and all major streaming platforms.

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