100% Pure Rock’n’Roll

“The pure side of rock & roll”. 

For the rebels. 

For the nostalgic. 

For old school rock lovers. 

For me, Rock’n’Roll is an attitude. 

It is not just music, but it is a way of living life. 

It means following your heart and passions, without listening to criticism and contemporaries.

It means living according to your own code, being yourself without compromise. 

In my career as a musician I have always had some artists I refer to: Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Angus Young to name a few. 

Over the years I have played the guitar in numerous bands, but I felt the need to fully express my musical vision. 

So, in 2020, as a one-man band, I entirely made the Ep “100% Pure Rock’n’Roll”: a manifesto of intent that focuses on the subversive and primordial essence of rock music.

Today more than ever it is necessary to dust off the roots and attitude of this musical world to preserve its essence: 

Join the future of Rock’n’Roll